Relaxation and any type of anxiety are incompatible responses.

 Relaxation and hypnotherapy have some similarities, both can be used to calm and relax the body and both can involve suggestions for   relaxation, wellbeing, making positive changes.

Suggestions that are used in relaxation:

  • Change a habit

  • Feel safe and comfortable

  • Imagine a peaceful place

  • Relax the muscle

  • Change a thought pattern

  Edmund Jacobson said that an anxious mind cannot exist within a relaxed body.

  How can hypnotherapy help you?  

 Even though you need therapy to become more relaxed, that is fine. Hypnotherapy can help and facilitate a path towards relaxation.

Many symptoms such as fatigue, stomach upsets, headaches are the result of stored tension and emotion. You can learn to stop using your body as a receptacle for your tensions. Healthy breathing and relaxation techniques are the key.


My training followed an integrative approach and I have variety of techniques and tools that we can use to help overcome whatever is bothering you. I use a mind-body, holistic approach with the emphasis on Solution Focus techniques.

I look forward working with you.