Most of my clients reached out to me whenever they experienced, what is called a mild depression. We all feel the occasional low moods as   a way of responding to a stressful life events, however when you constantly feel sadness it does not have to be the story of your life.

Some of the following situation can be associated with low moods:

  • Major life events, including loss (death of a loved one, moving, divorce, financial setback)

  • Lack of contact with other people

  • Times of conflict in personal relationship

  • Stress related to job

  • Discomfort related to physical health.

 Some people get low moods even where their life is going smoothly, depression seem to come out of nowhere, even though your life may   look perfect from the outside.

 You might feel disconnected from your life or from other people’s lives and unable to enjoy the usual activities without your loved ones even   noticing.

 How can hypnotherapy help you?

 Hypnotherapy can help find and release the cause for low moods, hypnosis as a tool uses the ability of the brain to create new neural   pathways and connect it to the new experience. Hypnotherapy addresses depression by helping you to focus on a better and brighter future.

My training followed an integrative approach and I have variety of techniques and tools that we can use to help overcome whatever is bothering you. I use a mind-body, holistic approach with the emphasis on Solution Focus techniques.

I look forward working with you.