How therapy (hypnotherapy) can be useful for losing weight?

When we start working on such a big goal, like losing weight and implementing a healthy lifestyle, we should always think about the main condition: never ignore the motivation. Bigger the motivation towards a goal, better the chances that the unconscious mind will be more open to positive suggestions. Your unconscious mind will never be misled by insincere suggestions, you need to be truly motivated. Once you understand the real reasons why you want to lose weight, you can increase your changes to succeed.

In my working experience, I discovered that the reasons for losing weight (or changing) are unpredictable. What we consciously consider to be irrelevant, can turn out to be important for our unconscious mind.

Therapy using hypnosis is a useful tool when working with weight loss. It can re-programme the unconscious attitude towards food and set up a lower importance of food in relation to the feeling of wellbeing. The technique can increase the appeal of healthy foods and enhances the sensory experience of eating (while eating healthy snacks for example).

Overeating, in time can become automatic, meaning that you could be eating without even noticing. Through hypnotherapy you will learn how to become relaxed and will help identify the thoughts that are triggering you to overeat.

When you are ready to perhaps understand old patterns and work towards a healthier YOU, allow your unconscious mind to ACTION on it.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash