Trying too hard

I was struggling this evening to find an interesting topic, an educational subject that might be enjoyable to everyone. Struggled to write about minimalism and the connection that might exists when it comes to your emotions, struggled to write about how the current situation might affect your behavior and thoughts and so on. Could not write anything conclusive or something of a higher significance (at least this is what I planned).

So, I wrote about how I cannot write about something.

When you feel that you are stuck all you do is to push that thing further away by struggling to make it work. By doing that you might increase the resistance (the resistance of not doing it). Stop yourself and relax, take deep breaths, and allow the helplessness to be part of your being. Once you accept that you have limitations, that sometimes you cannot force yourself into doing things, you will learn to manage your current situation and, in the process, you might become calmer and kinder. Allow yourself to do nothing, to just breathe and be.

Be yourself even when you cannot be, that is the beauty in quietness …just breathe and allow it.

Photo by Daniel Schaffer on Unsplash