Weight Management

  If you had difficulty with your weight previously, you are probably an expert in diets, pills and different tricks on how to use weight. There is   not one method or formula that will be effective for everyone.


 We do not overeat for exactly the same reasons someone else does.


 You might have learnt you eating habits from your parents, while for another person it may be emotional factors that cause them to overeat.   There are some cases when it can be a metabolic problem. In this case you are advised to see your GP to determine if the issues is organic   or  not.

  Overeating can become automatic, where food is consumed with little thought or notice.

  Most compulsive eaters have developed distorted views about themselves in relationship to their bodies, often as a response to early   parental or peer messages regarding the inadequacy of some aspect of their size or shape or self. First approach on working with obesity is   to establish realistic goals, and we can only do this together with the client.


How can hypnotherapy help you?

  Hypnotherapy can help you to get into a relaxed state, removing gradually any tension and stress and discovering your root cause of your   weight along with your triggers.

 Working on those thoughts/triggers and step by step we can replace them with other small activities like doing some exercises, something   you enjoy, basically integrating a physical exercises routine.


My training followed an integrative approach and I have variety of techniques and tools that we can use to help overcome whatever is bothering you. I use a mind-body, holistic approach with the emphasis on Solution Focus techniques.

I look forward working with you.